Our Mission

The Prime Group is a privately-held company operating in CIS countries and UK. Our mission is to develop assets in both emerging and developed markets, in order to create economic and social value for our shareholders, employees and society.

About Us

The Prime group is a diversified holding company that operates across different sectors and has established joint ventures with several major operators in these sectors. The sectors include business consulting, hospitality industry, media, information technology, education and real estate.



Each division adheres to the same standard of corporate development and financial control principles set by The Prime Group.

Despite the young age of the group, some of the joint ventures of the group have an experience in the industry for more than 20 years. The company has gained a solid presence in the key segments of business with the highest upside potential, including hospitality and education services.


We value honesty, integrity and reliability in our employees and business partners. Our business and personal reputation is very important to us, therefore setting high ethical standards in our daily operations and relationships is a key element of our business practice.


When doing business we aim to take great satisfaction from all the projects we work on. We have often chosen smaller high quality projects rather than larger low quality options because quality is the most important requirement we set ourselves when selecting new projects. This approach is carried out without exception and demonstrates our ongoing commitment.


The individuals that we meet, employ and create business relationships with, are our most significant assets.